ALPHA AUTO Folder Gluer

Product ID:AL-900/1100/1300

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ALPHA series was authorized to Dingshung Machinery Co.,Ltd. to act for manutacture by NIKKO ENGINEERING LTD. that thanks to modular design the machine can be built to meet customer's  requirements. 

Model code indication: A: Alignment module; B/D: without/with prebreakers; H: crash-lock bottom module; D/F: 4/6 corner module; S: Special demand Machine production speed depend paper quality and thickness. 

This catalog for reference only, specification subjects change without notice.

Model AL-900 AL-1100 AL-1300
Convertible stock Solid   board, corrugated N, F, E flute
Blank category Straight   line, double wall, crash lock bottom, 4/6 corner
Machine speed 20~400   m/min
Power 18KW   Standard model without EZ PECKER 10KW
Machine dimensions 12.5m   x 1.6m 13.6m   x 1.8m 14.7m   x 2.0m
6 corner module Sub-folding plus length 1.6M/   Alignment module plus length 1.6M
Machine weight 6,000kg 7,000kg 8,000kg
6 corner module Sub-folding plus weight 1,000kg   / Alignment module plus weight 1,000kg
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