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Single Facer Cutter

Product ID:SFC-4

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Single Facer Cutter electrically set for the length of cutting single face, and showed by precise scale plate.

Rotary double knives with sharp blade and long life of machine.

Adopting precise grinding gear having cutting off accuracy within +/- lmm.

Adopting photoelectric counter which can indicate the guantity of cutting off cardboard.

Reverse unit adopts elevated electric lateral device.

Model SFC-4
Maximun Speed (M/min) 90
Maximun Paper   Range of Width (mm) 1600
Maximun Paper   Range 1500
Maximun Paper   Range 330
Total Used   Power 10HPx1PC、1/2HPx3PC、1/2HPx1PC
Length (mm) 4400
Width (mm) 2700
Height (mm) 1500
Weight (kg) 4500
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