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Cartridge Single Facer

Product ID:SF-340Q

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Cartridge Single Facer
Qstar is designed for producing diffferent Single Face in demand of quick change that Achieved in one machine;  the Cartridge Single Face Roller Set is moved by auto truck to shift one flute type cartridge to the other that especially fulfill the demand of post printing industry.

Model SF-340Q
TYPE Presure Cassette Type
Heating Type Steam
Max. Effective   Paper Width (mm) 1640 / 1840 / 2240
Max. Machine   Speed (M/min) 220
Main Drive   (HP) 50
Upper &   Lower Corrugating Roll SNCM 439 / 340MM
Press Roll S45C / 340MM
Glue   Application Roll S25C / 260MM
Doctor Roll S25C / 150MM
Preheating   Roll for Liner S25C / 350MM
Preconditioner   for Medium (Material/Diameter mm) S25C / 350MM
Glue Dam Type Hydraulic
Machine Size   (LxWxH)(MM) 1830x5010x1800
Machine Weight   (KG) 15000
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