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SYNCTRL Synchro-Helical Knives Sheeter

Product ID:SYNCTRL 1500 / SYNCTRL 1700

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The sheeter series with modular designed to adopts SYNCTRL Twin Helical knifes modular. Direct Shaft less driven of Synchro-Helical knife use tube shaft design to deserve high speed but low inertial. The system produce accurately cut square sheets direct from the reel also capable link multi-reel to handle wide rang e paper sheeting material.

Model SYNCTRL 1500 SYNCTRL 1700
Knife   Type Twin Helical knife
Web Type Paperboard or Fine   paper
Reel Diameter (Max) Standard   1600mm(62.9") / Optional 1800mm(70.8")
Web Width Range 350(13.7)~   1500mm(59") 350(13.7)~   1700mm(66.9")
Cut-Off Length 450mm~1450mm.(   18" ~57")
No.Of rips 2 (3 sets slitter)
Max Knife Loading 800 GSM
Cut-Off Accuracy Cut-off length under   1000mm ±0.5mm. Length over 1000mm Cut-off ±0.05% increased
Machine Speed 350 sheets/min
Operating Speed 250gsm/300 sheets/min   Concerning the web quality and cut-off length.
Air Supply Max. 5.5kg/cm2x5m3/min
Machine Size (L*W*H) (mm) 12965*3380*2450 12965*3580*2450
Machine Weight 19 ton 21   ton
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