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COSMAX Single Knife Sheeter

Product ID:COSMAX 1400 / COSMAX 1700

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Cosmax 1400/1700 single knife sheeter.The sheeter series with modular designed to adopts SYNCTRL Twin Helical Knifes modular and cosmax 1400/1700 single knife modular.Direct Shaft less driven of Synchro-Helical knife use tube shaft design to deserve high speed but low inertial. The system products accurately cut square sheets direct from the reel also capable link multi-reel to handle wide range paper sheeting material.

Optional Device: 1. reject gate 2. non-stop device 3. cut-register 4. splicer 5. hydraulic roll tray carrier.

Machine production speed depend paper quality and thickness.

This catalog for reference only, specification subjects change without notice.

Model COSMAX 1400 COSMAX 1700
Knife Type Top rotary knife and   lower stationary knife
Web Type Paperboard or Fine   paper
Reel Diameter (Max) Standard   1600mm(62.9") / Optional 1800mm(70.8")
Web Width Range 350(13.7)~   1400mm(55.1") 350(13.7)~   1700mm(66.9")
Cut-Off Length 450mm~1450mm.(   18" ~57")
No.Of rips 2 (3 sets slitter)
Max Knife Loading 600 GSM
Cut-Off Accuracy Cut-off length under   1000mm ±0.5mm. Length over 1000mm Cut-off ±0.05% increased
Machine Speed 300 sheets/min
Operating Speed 250gsm/250 sheets/min   Concerning the web quality and cut-off length.
Air Supply Max. 5.5kg/cm2x5m3/min
Machine Size (L*W*H) (mm) 12965*3280*2450 12965*3580*2450
Machine Weight 12 ton 13   ton
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